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The Government maintains that successful schools are expected to teach a deeper and broader understanding of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) that now includes Computer Science and Digital Literacy.

Here is some information about what we do in school to provide the best opportunities for pupils to develop their skills in computing.

Computer Science is essentially a means to promote logical thinking and challenge pupils in the practical use of computer programming.

Digital Literacy is what we have traditionally taught the pupils (i.e. how to use computers) but now there is an emphasis on some added elements which enable pupils to become confident and safe users of various technologies both at school and in the home.

In KS1, one of the ways we are teaching the pupils about the language and concepts associated with computer programming is by using Bee Bots and Pro-bots, which are simple programmable robots.  The children also have access to a computer based Beebot programme to develop their skills. In KS1 the children also begin to write their own simple coding programmes using the Espresso Coding website.

In KS2 the children go on to extend their skills by creating more complex programmes using Esprsso and alsongside this begin to use Scratch. As a school we believe that as well as understanding the computer science elelment of computing, it is just as important to be competent in using a variety of presentation and multi media programmes for the expanding world of work. In KS2 the children develop their presentation skills using powerpoint, word and various media and digital programmes.


 ICT/Computing - Long Term Plan (Download here)