The Federation of St George's RC Primary School with Our Lady & St Peter RC Primary School

Our Lady and Saint Peter RC Primary School

Children at the Centre ~ Jesus at the Heart

Saint George’s RC Primary School

We Love, Live, Learn in the Light of Christ.

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Our Lady and St Peter RC Primary School

Children at the Centre ~ Jesus at the Heart



Our Junior Chaplaincy team meet regularly to discuss about the school and its religious ethos.


It is led by Mrs Parr


The Chaplaincy team take it in turns to prepare Rosary, which is held on a Thursday lunchtime at 12.15pm






The new Chaplaincy team were introduced in September 2019. The team consists of volunteers from Year 5 and 6.


The team were asked a variety of questions to find out what the role consists of and why they volunteered for the role.


Set up for Rosary

Sing Hymns and say prayers

Help other children in Rosary so that they learn how to act and carry out the Rosary correctly

Help set up for Mass – prepare the bread and wine, find out how many children/adults are taking Communion, help prepare the altar, pack away after Mass

Why did the children volunteer:

I am Catholic and it is an important part of my life to say prayers, sing hymns and help other people

I feel closer to God if I am helping to make sure everyone feels part of Jesus’ life

It is peaceful carrying out Rosary and helping other children to learn about it

I get to learn and teach other children about how to say the ten Hail Mary’s