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Our Lady and Saint Peter RC Primary School

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Our Lady and St Peter RC Primary Academy

Children at the Centre ~ Jesus at the Heart

Curriculum - Educarem: Building the Kingdom in our school


Building God’s Kingdom in our school and all over the Earth!


During 2022 Lent ‘The Building The Kingdom’ programme has inspired us to bear daily witness with ’60 seconds of prayer / reflection’ in the car park at the end of each school day, welcoming parents and carers to join us. (Photographs to follow)


Distinctive Catholic Curriculum design for the transformation of society…

Developing a radical 21st Century curriculum in a Catholic School: Contextualising the National Curriculum within the beliefs and values of the Catholic tradition.

Through the National School of Formation, a dynamic and challenging approach to teaching and learning in a Catholic School has been developed. This initiative calls for the contextualising of all learning within the beliefs and values a of the Gospel and the Catholic tradition,  aspiring to reach the highest possible levels  of learning. We call it Building the Kingdom


“Schools are a precious means for making a contribution to the progress of the Church and of society as a whole. Moreover, the educational field is not limited to the conventional school. Encourage each other to seek new forms of non-conventional education in accordance with “the needs of the times and of people.” (Pope Francis speaking to the students of the Jesuit schools of Italy and Albania 7 June 2013)


Please see photographs below of work inspired by Building the Kingdom.