The Federation of St George's RC Primary School with Our Lady & St Peter RC Primary School

Our Lady and Saint Peter RC Primary School

Children at the Centre ~ Jesus at the Heart

Saint George’s RC Primary School

We Love, Live, Learn in the Light of Christ.

George Street, Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire YO15 3PS

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Our Lady and St Peter RC Primary Academy

Children at the Centre ~ Jesus at the Heart


Breakfast Club

We have a breakfast club which is open between 7.45 a.m. and 8.30 a.m.  Breakfast is served until 8.15 a.m. only.  There are games and activities for the children to do.  The club runs on a  ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis at a charge of £1.50 per day.


Out of School Club

 We run an out of school club, known as the ‘Cool Club’ which is primarily to support our parents in providing a caring, supportive environment for their children after school hours.  The club is available during term times from 3. 15-6.00pm.  A Parent/Carer Booklet, including Terms and Conditions and an Admission Form, is available on request from the school office.



Challenge Maths Group

Tuesday 3.15pm - 4.15pm – Years 5 and 6

This club is for children identified as being ‘Gifted and Talented’ and is by invitation only.

The club focuses on developing problem solving skills, team work, collaboration and independent thinking skills through puzzles, online resources and strategy games.

The children are encouraged to work together in teams as well as individually and to solve puzzle using alternative methods and higher order thinking.

In the second part of the spring term the focus will be on using ‘philosophy for children’ to extend questioning and reasoning.


Rugby Club

We offer Rugby as an after school activity to KS1 on Wednesdays and KS2 on Fridays. The safety of young players is paramount, closely followed by having fun and enjoyment while learning.  Tag rugby is a non-contact introduction to Rugby Union.  As a result it is equally at home on a playground/school hall or on a playing field as players must remain on their feet.  At this level it is the acquisition of techniques and skills, combining with taking part/teamwork rather than winning games that is important.  Some of the skills taught are running with a ball, handling and passing activities, hand to eye co-ordination, beating a defender and running in support of a ball carrier.  All this is in addition to Rubgys core values of teamwork, respect,enjoyment,discipline and sportsmanship.


Yoga Club

Yoga Club is a fun introduction to Yoga. Using the Yoga Pretzels scheme, Year 1 and Year 2 children learn simple moves and balances to help improve both their bodies and minds. The club is held on a Thursday after school. 

Tigers Trust Multi-Skills

Tigers Trust Multi-skills club is held on Fridays.This is on a class rotation basis. Your child will bring a letter home.


Booster class

Booster class is on a Wednesday .Year 6's go to get extra practise and help for SATs.