The Federation of St George's RC Primary School with Our Lady & St Peter RC Primary School

Our Lady and Saint Peter RC Primary School

Children at the Centre ~ Jesus at the Heart

Saint George’s RC Primary School

We Love, Live, Learn in the Light of Christ.

George Street, Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire YO15 3PS

01262 670138

Our Lady and St Peter RC Primary Academy

Children at the Centre ~ Jesus at the Heart

OLSP is a member of St. Cuthbert's Roman Catholic Academy Trust



Directors of the Trust

  • Mr David Laws -Chair of the Board of Directors (from 03.04.23)
  • Mr James Sargeant - Vice Chair of the Board/Foundation Director (Safeguarding Lead)
  • Mr Peter Fearnley - Parent Director (from 13.12.21)
  • Mrs Louise Dyas - Co-opted Director (from 11.03.20)
  • Reverend Fr William Massie - Foundation Director (SEND Lead)
  • Mr David Holtby -Foundation Director (from 28.09.21) (Lead for Careers)
  • Dr Michael Nolan - Foundation Director (from 13.02.22)
  • Mr John Fleming - Foundation Director (from 17.11.22)
  • Canon Stephen Maughan- Foundation Director (from 17.11.22)
  • Fr Richard Marsden- Foundation Director (from 17.11.22)
  • Mrs Karen Siedle - Interim CEO (from 31.08.2023)
  • Mrs Jo Moxon- Foundation Director (resigned 23.01.23)
  • Mr Michael Gallagher - Foundation Director (resigned 30.03.23)
  • Mr Ian Appleyard- Foundation Director (resigned 04.04.23)
  • Mrs Priya Thomas - Foundation Director (resigned 04.04.23)
  • Mrs Estelle MacDonald - Co-opted Director (resigned 10.05.23)
  • Mr Gerard Fitzpatrick -Chief Executive Officer & Staff Director (retired 31.08.2023)

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